Community Rally Held to Combat Drunk Driving in Anchorage

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In the past several months, the Anchorage community has been shaken by several deaths caused by drunk drivers—including the tragic death of two teenage girls walking home from back-to-school shopping.

After more than a year without a single drunk-driving-related fatality, the city has seen at least four deaths over the summer. This sudden spike in drunk driving fatalities has galvanized our community to take action.

The Anchorage Police Department recently held a community rally to honor the victims of these crashes and outline new enforcement efforts. The Report Every Dangerous Driver rally invited the founder of the Forget Me Not Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing underage drinking and impaired driving, to speak.

The Forget Me Not Mission works to raise money for the victims of DUI crashes, assist law enforcement in eradicating this crime, and encourage community participation in the prevention of drunk driving.

Jenn, who is on the Board of Directors for the Forget Me Not Mission, attended the rally to hand out books and information educating the community on impaired driving.

In addition, a moving candlelight vigil was held in memory of the deceased.

The police department has asked members of the community to help keep our streets safe. Civilian volunteers will drive their own cars, patrolling the streets and reporting to the police any reckless driving that they see.

Our thoughts are with the families of those who have died in drunk driving accidents, and our firm will be doing all we can to combat this devastating problem and help the families affected. Law Office of Jennifer Messick Law recently purchased an iPad for a teenage boy suffering from a traumatic brain injury as a result of a DUI crash. We hope that as he heals, he will be able to use interactive games and learning apps that grow with him.

Deaths from impaired driving crashes are needless and entirely preventable. We encourage you to get involved in efforts to reduce drunk driving. We also implore you to drink responsibly: a single irresponsible action behind the wheel can change your life and the lives of others forever. If you’ve had too much to drink (or you even think that it may be unsafe for you to drive), hand the keys to a sober friend or take alternate means of transportation.

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