Personal Injury

Anyone who lives in Alaska knows that it is beautiful, but unforgiving. Accidents happen often in communities around Alaska, frequently as the result of one person’s negligence or carelessness. A wide variety of accidents occur, from automobile accidents, to falls, to accidents caused by defects in products like snow machines, aircraft, or other vehicles. Unfortunately, many of these accidents result in injuries.

An injury can change your life in an instant, with devastating consequences for your health, finances, and life. It can require costly medical treatment that can amount to a serious financial burden. It may prevent you from returning to your job temporarily or even permanently, resulting in a loss of income that worsens your financial situation. On top of financial troubles, an injury can have an extremely negative impact on your daily life, prohibiting you from enjoying the activities you once loved.

Following an accident-related injury, you may be going through an extremely stressful and overwhelming time. At Law Office of Jennifer Messick, I can help you. I’ll negotiate the legal waters for you, dealing with insurance companies and working to get you the compensation you need and deserve for your injury. Compensation won’t erase your injury, but it can allow you to breathe a little easier—giving you back financial security and allowing you to focus on your recovery.

I will work to give you the highest level of service. As a personal injury attorney, I will be at your side throughout the process, keeping you updated and answering your questions. I will let you know what your options are, how much time after your accident you have to file a claim, and how much your claim might be worth (which is based on the negligence of each party involved and other factors).

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by another person, contact me. I look forward to helping you move past this difficult time.