Landlord/Tenant Law

Anyone who has signed a lease or managed a property knows that landlord/tenant law can be very complex. The often fragile relationship of a landlord and the tenant is governed by an extensive set of laws outlining the responsibilities of both. These laws cover rent, repairs, security deposits, eviction, and more. A landlord has the responsibility to make sure that the apartment or house is in livable condition (meaning it is sanitary, structurally sound, and has adequate heat and water), make repairs for ordinary wear and tear, and keep common areas of the premises clean and safe. In addition, a landlord must not discriminate against a tenant or prospective tenant. A tenant, in turn, has the responsibility to pay rent on time, not damage the property beyond ordinary wear and tear, dispose of trash, and obey the terms of the lease.

When each party obeys the terms of the lease and follows their responsibilities, both the landlord and tenants are able to continue without disagreement. When this relationship goes wrong, however, the results can be disastrous. Disputes between landlords and tenants can be quite common, arising from disagreements about damage to the property, security deposits, pets, and the payment of rent as well as from allegations of discrimination.

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