When bills are hanging over your head and you have no way to pay them all, it can seem like there’s no way out. Debt collectors may be calling incessantly, and you may soon be facing foreclosure on your house or eviction. The stress and worry from financial difficulties can be overwhelming, and it can seem like a financial crisis is unavoidable. But that’s not true: if you are overwhelmed by debt, bankruptcy could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Bankruptcy can stop the calls from threatening bill collectors, wipe out many of your debts, and even prevent foreclosure on your house or car. If you’re dealing with unmanageable debt, you should know that there is no shame in seeking help and filing for bankruptcy. More often than not, people who file for bankruptcy do so as a result of a catastrophic, uncontrollable life event, such as extended unemployment, a serious injury not covered by insurance, or a divorce. Bankruptcy was created to be a safety net to allow people to get back on their feet again.

There are several types of bankruptcy, the most common of which are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The type of bankruptcy you choose will depend largely on your specific financial and personal situation. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or “straight bankruptcy,” some of your assets are sold to pay back your creditors. At the end of this bankruptcy, certain debts are wiped from the slate and you are no longer responsible for paying them. Chapter 13, on the other hand, is a repayment plan lasting 3 to 5 years. Instead of selling off certain assets, you create a plan to pay back a percentage of your debt. At the end of this bankruptcy, you are free from certain debts. Under both types of bankruptcy, you’ll be able to keep certain assets.

At Law Office of Jennifer Messick, I can help you navigate the complex process of debt management and bankruptcy. As a bankruptcy attorney, I will help you explore your options and goals to determine what is best for you, whether that is bankruptcy or an alternative such as debt consolidation or credit counseling. I’ll work with you through the entire process, from gathering the necessary paperwork and determining the assets that you can keep to finalizing your bankruptcy and helping you rebuild your credit. I will be by your side, keeping you informed and providing outstanding service every step of the way.

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