Welcome to The Law Office of Jennifer Messick

image1Jenn grew up understanding the value of hard work and ethical practice and is a hardworking attorney who loves what she does and cares about her clients. She believes in going the extra mile, in communicating regularly with her clients, and in respecting her clients, their time, and their money. When you work with Jenn, you can count on her to do her very best for you in a cost-effective manner. You can expect to hear from her regularly with updates on your case, and you can expect that she will take the time to explain the process—what will happen and when. And, finally, you can expect that Jenn will take a genuine interest in your life and goals.

Jenn’s firm focuses on the legal areas that can deeply affect a person’s daily life, whether that is a family law matter, an injury, or an estate planning issue. She enjoys these areas of law because they allow her to assist people in a personal way, making a positive, meaningful impact on their lives. During her years of practice, Jenn has successfully helped many Alaska residents, and she can help you navigate your legal issue. She encourages you to browse her practice areas or give her a call to learn more about how she can help you.