Eagle River, Alaska DUI/OUI Defense

Eagle River, Alaska, is one of the most active and populated communities within the municipality of Anchorage. In fact, if it weren’t considered part of Anchorage, Eagle River would be classified as one of the five largest cities in the state of Alaska.

With so many people living and travelling in Eagle River, unfortunate circumstances are common. Sometimes, going out for dinner with friends or coworkers turns into a few drinks, and people get behind the wheel to go home thinking that they are okay to drive—but Alaska state troopers and Anchorage police don’t go easy on drinking and driving.

Law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for impaired drivers. If you are caught driving or operating machinery while under the influence in Eagle River, you could face serious and life-altering charges.

A DUI/OUI charge in Alaska is daunting: being found guilty can result in license suspensions, hefty fines, and mandatory jail time. Having a DUI on your record can affect your reputation, ability to get a job in the future, and your ability to drive out of Alaska through Canada.

Every case is unique. If you live in Eagle River or the Anchorage area, the experienced DUI/OUI defense attorney at Law Office of Jennifer Messick can answer questions about your particular case.

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