Polar Plunge Benefits Special Olympics Alaska

Polar Plunge | Anchorage, AK | Law Office of Jennifer Messick LawIt’s winter, and you’re already cold. So why not stay cold for a great cause?

This month, Special Olympics Alaska is “freezin’ for a reason,” hosting the 2013 Polar Plunge.

A favorite of many in the community, the Polar Plunge is a fundraiser that benefits Special Olympics Alaska. During the Polar Plunge, participants gather pledges, then plunge into Goose Lake’s frigid water. Last year, more than 1,200 Alaskans took the plunge, and more than 5,000 others donated. [Read more…]

Basic Estate Planning

Estate planning worksheet | Anchorage, AK AttorneysA recent study revealed what many estate planning attorneys know: the majority (over 55 percent) of Americans die without a will. A simple estate plan includes a standard set of legal documents: a healthcare power of attorney, a financial (also known as a durable) power of attorney, a living will, and a last will and testament. These are not, however, the only legal documents available to protect families. A recent Forbes magazine article lays out several ways you can protect your family by implementing simple, yet effective, legal documents.  [Read more…]

Alaska Aces Hockey Game

Anchorage Hockey | Alaska Attorneys | Law Office of Jennifer Messick LawThe Alaska Aces take on the Las Vegas Wranglers in professional hockey action at Sullivan Arena in a November 15, 16, and 17 triple-header. The games take place at 7:15 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 15 and Saturday, Nov. 16. The final game will take place at 3:05 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 17.

The Aces are an ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Calgary Flames. Their exhibition season kicked off on October 7, 2013, and the regular season began on October 18. [Read more…]

Personal Bankruptcy after Small Businesses Failure

Everglades Business Bankruptcy | Anchorage, AK Attorneys | Law Office of Jennifer Messick LawThe federal government debate regarding the nation’s debt ceiling and staying power of the Affordable Care Act shut down more than Congressional legislation in October 2013. The shutdown closed national parks, zoos, museums, and the stateside military bases and personnel working for the government. The independent business owners who contracted to support government workers, as well as the supplemental small businesses built around local economies, have sharply felt the effects of this government impasse. [Read more…]

Fact or Fiction: Handwritten Changes to a Will Invalid?

Handwritten wills - Law Office of Jennifer Messick LawYou’ve taken the time to plan for and draft a last will and testament—years ago. So when is it a good idea to consider updating your will?

First, the legal term for updating a will is known as a “codicil.” Now, let’s go over some common situations when updating a will would be appropriate:

  • Change in the health of executors. If the primary executor becomes terminally ill or incapacitated, for instance, double-checking whom you’ve named as successor executors makes sense. [Read more…]

Including Charitable Giving in Your Estate Plan

Charitable Giving in Estate Planning - Law Office of Jennifer Messick LawDo you regularly donate money to a favorite charity? If so, you may want to explore the option of naming that charity in your estate plan.

This recent article from NPR suggests that the practice of financially supporting a charity is gaining popularity among younger generations.

Many people consider tithing—that is, setting aside a portion of income for the purpose of making regular donations—a normal part of attending their church, mosque, or synagogue. Charities, such as churches, depend on the financial gifts of loyal congregants and supporters to fulfill the beneficent mission of their charters. [Read more…]

Anchorage Parking Improvements Mean Fewer Fuming Drivers

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Community Rally Held to Combat Drunk Driving in Anchorage

In the past several months, the Anchorage community has been shaken by several deaths caused by drunk drivers—including the tragic death of two teenage girls walking home from back-to-school shopping.

After more than a year without a single drunk-driving-related fatality, the city has seen at least four deaths over the summer. This sudden spike in drunk driving fatalities has galvanized our community to take action.

The Anchorage Police Department recently held a community rally to honor the victims of these crashes and outline new enforcement efforts. The Report Every Dangerous Driver rally invited the founder of the Forget Me Not Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing underage drinking and impaired driving, to speak. [Read more…]

The Wait Is Over—Anchorage’s Kendall Hockey Classic

Anchorage hockey - Law Office of Jennifer Messick LawAre you ready for some hockey? It may not be prime time yet for hockey in Anchorage, but the wait is over for all diehard fans ready to start the season as soon as possible.

The University of Alaska Anchorage’s Kendall Hockey Classic begins October 11 and goes through October 12 at Sullivan Arena. The four-team competition pits defending tournament titleholders, the UAA Seawolves, against University of Alaska Fairbanks, Air Force Falcons, and Quinnipiac University. [Read more…]

Wills vs. Trusts – The Gandolfini Conundrum

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